CCTV systems

We source only the highest quality products. To provide you with the best prices and the most extensive guarantees, we buy directly from the manufactures. Often the products are made exclusively for us to our own high specification.

For example, all our bullet and dome cameras are 700TVL or 1000TVL or above, whilst most of the industry are still supplying 600TVL equipment. (Note: TVL is the abreviation for Television Lines and is one of the standards for comparing camera quality). There is no point in installing a low quality system, then finding all the pictures are too small and the resolution too poor to recongnise and identify people.

We hold a large stock of cameras and DVR's and offer each customer the best products to suit their requirements. The following are some examples of the main types of cameras and DVR's.

Cameras & DVR Specifications

Example Bullet camera specification (Link).

Example Dome camera specification or eye-dome camera. (Link).

Example PTZ camera specification or powered dome camera. (Link).

Example DVR specification (digital dideo recorder). (Link).

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