Remote Viewing

Overt surveillance ... Through your existing home broadband internet connection, we are able to securely provide you with access and control of the cameras we install for you in and around your home. Through iPhone apps, Blackberry apps, other smart phone apps and straightforward internet browser access, we are able to connect you to your cameras and audio feeds. You can watch and listen!

Covert surveillance ... There are many legitimate reasons why you may want to access covert cameras and audio feeds in and around your premises. For example, monitoring your newborn as you return to work. Whatever your reason; monitoring infants, checking up on vulnerable parents, ensuring there are no house parties whilst you are away, monitor your wall safe, guard jewellery ... We can provide 24 x 7 remote access for you to keep check on your valuables and those you love.

Depending upon the functionality of the cameras you choose, you can set each camera up to detect certain types of movement in certain areas, and alert you.

If you are interested in protecting your possessions and the people you love, then contact us now.