T4 difference ...

Quality is not something you can add on at the end as a marketing gimmick. Quality starts from the ground up. Quality people, quality products, quality testing, quality policies and procedures, quality installations and after sales support. A failure anywhere, at any stage, diminishes the final product.

T4 is a multilayered business, a central hub with; product selection, its own product testing laboratories, its own installation procedures, inbuilt fault escalation, centralised internet support and maintenance escalation. At the local level T4 is a franchised business of local CCTV installation and CCTV maintenance experts, close on hand to provide you with the local services you need.

From the customers perspective, you are dealing with the whole T4 family, your locally trained experts working seamlessly with the central resources and facilities to deliver you a perfect customer experience and the best systems on the market at the best prices.

If you are interested in protecting your possessions and the people you love, then contact us for a no nonsense, no commitment chat.