Commercial and Retail CCTV Systems

T4 Security provide a range of services tailored specifically for the commercial and retail markets, and offer a low price, high quality guarantee.

Commercial systems - Have their own special requirements, different regimes during open and closed hours, cameras guarding cameras, multiple trigger detection systems, intelligent stock tracking, internal high risk areas, greater use of PTZ (Pan, Tilt Zoom) technology and access monitoring. All our systems can provide remote access over the internet and via mobile phones (Apple, Blackberry, Symbian, Android etc...).

Retail systems - These too have special needs, protecting stock and shelves, monitoring till activity, gaining an evidential quality picture (More details...) capturing an image of every customer at the high footfall areas, surveilling the parking areas etc... Providing owners with the right level of coverage.

Covert commercial and retail systems - T4 can advise on the legal position of internal covert staff monitoring CCTV. The legislation does allow for covert recording (both audio and visual), subject to the adherence to strict guidelines.

If you are have an existing system that is not up to scratch, a technology refresh, where we just change some of the equipment and reuse most of the cabling infrastructure, could cost a lot less than you might imagine.

If you are interested in protecting your possessions and the people you love, then contact us for a no nonsense, no commitment chat.